Updates And News - The New Season Is Nearly Here

Sunday 9th April 2006

Hope this finds you all well and looking forward to the new season. Indeed, with the season now only about a month away, please find enclosed all the news, dates and updates for your information.

Remaining Net Dates

The club still has 3 Indoor net dates booked at Wymondham Leisure Centre. Turnout so far this Winter has been excellent so please make every effort to attend at least one of the last nets. The dates are as follows:

Sunday April 2nd 2pm - 4pm
Sunday April 9th 2pm - 4pm
Sunday April 16th 2pm - 4pm

It is hoped that for the last date, instead of nets there will be an indoor game which has proved popular in past years.

Ground Preparation Day

As in previous seasons, the committee has set a date for the ground preparation day. It has been set for Saturday 1st April from 10.30am onwards and yes, we are aware that this is April Fools Day. As always, getting as many members and helpers down there as possible is extremely important as always, there is much to be done. Coffee will need help on the wicket, the outfield will need to be cleared and cut whilst both the bar and changing rooms are in line for a re-carpeting. Any help you can give will be most appreciated.

Pre-Season Friendlies

I am pleased to announce that the club has arranged 2 pre-season friendlies before the League season starts. It is hoped that these will allow every member to play at least once before the season begins properly. The games and dates are as follows:

Saturday April 22nd - St Andrews Home
Sunday April 23rd - Gt Witchingham Away

Pre-Season Bash

As always, the season bash starts the season off in style on the 22nd April following the home friendly to St Andrews. It takes the usual format - disco, bar and hog roast (with vegetarian alternatives!) after this proved popular at last years end of season bash. Tickets as always are £5 and please make every effort to attend as it really does get the season off to a great start.


Can I remind all members that subscriptions will be due by the first fixture of the season and it would be nice for members to pay without the Treasurer having to chase too many people up. The costs remain the same - £15 for adults, £10 for Students and Unemployed and £5 for Juniors (Under 16's). Match fees for those unsure remain the same as last season - £3 for Saturdays and £2 for Sundays. For your information, if you'd like to pay by cheque, these can be made out to Hardingham Cricket Club.

Bar Information

After our most recent Committee meeting, it was unanimously agreed to adopt the following new bar rules for the 2006 season:

There will now be no smoking at the bar.
Bar Tabs are now being limited to a maximum of £20 - at one stage last season, there was over £300 worth of tabs and we can't let this continue.
Tabs will not be allowed any longer at club functions.
Tabs can now only be signed off as paid by one of 5 people - the 2 bar stewards, secretary, treasurer or chairperson.
Tabs now have to be paid by the next following home game.

If you have any questions, then the bar stewards will be happy to help but these rules are final and there will be no exceptions. In addition, the 2006 season should not only see new stock lines but also a monthly guest ale - if you have any requests what you'd like to see behind there within reason, then please speak to one of the bar stewards.

Net Nights

For the 2006 season, outdoor net night is moving from Wednesday to Thursday nights as soon as the weather will allow. In addition to this, it is planned to open the bar up on Friday nights to allow for a smaller net if so desired but also as a social occasion for the club members. It is hoped that as many club members as possible will get involved in both nights.


Real credit has to be given to Martin, our newly appointed Press and Sponsorship Officer for his incredible hard work over the Winter in gaining sponsorship. The club has already benefited from incoming sponsorship and the ground this season should be ringed by a number of sponsorship boards which will improve the aesthetics I'm sure. Sponsorship work behind the scenes continues and any new information will be passed onto you, the member.


As last season, the rotas for both cutting the outfield and tea preparation will be posted at the club on the Saturday of the ground preparation. For those unsure, all club members are expected to cut the outfield at least once per season and do one tea per season. Like last year, if the gaps are not filled by your names, then you will be allocated slots on the rota. It worked extremely well last season - let's all make sure it works well again this season.


What you are reading will also be sent via post or email to all club members and alongside it, will be an availability sheet and entry forms for the Fantasy League. Firstly, the availability sheet; if you could please fill this in when you know you are definitely available and not available and give it to me, it will greatly help the selection committee in planning ahead for the teams. For your information, the selection committee this season will be Stan, Robbie, Neil, Jamie and Mike and meet on Monday evenings.

Secondly, the Fantasy League. All the rules and entry forms are enclosed and it's open to any club member or supporter. Initially, it will take paper form but Colin has assured me that once his final exams are finished, then like last season it will be accessible on the internet. Entry fees are only £3 per team, the deadline is the 14th April, the Friday before the 1st friendly and entries can be given to me. It was extremely popular last year - hopefully it will be again and there'll be lots of entries. Unlike last season, there will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and no doubt a wooden spoon for last place but Edgey has this wrapped up already.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce that Glenn will serve as Second Team Vice Captain for this season. He did an excellent job captaining the Sunday side last year and is one of the survivors from the last game played by the 2nds before it left the league. I've no doubt he'll do an excellent job.

Well, that's all the news and updates for you - hope the weather gods remain cheerful and hope to see as many of you as possible at the last few nets and the ground preparation day on the 1st.


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