Wet Wet Wet

No, not a sad 80's pop group

Tuesday 26th June 2007

For the third week in a row the first team failed to complete a fixture, however, in contrast to previous weeks at least there was some play before a late torrent allowed the firsts to escape what was likely to be a heavy defeat, much to the chaggrin of Topcroft 'A', who included a number of alliance premier players in their ranks, and tried every trick known to man to complete the game including running round the outfield dragging a hose in an effort to scrape off the surface water, I mean, how desperate can you get?! Thunder and lightning and they were still out there erecting a soggy pile of sawdust!!

We had struggled in the face of very tidy bowling to a score of 121 for 9 off our 45 overs, not many highlights in the batting, Mike managed 34 before being bowled by a quick ball that pitched middle and took the top of off, Edgy Rob and Krusty chipped in with high teens but that was it, well bowled Topcroft.

The seconds also managed no game due to rain.

On sunday we played Chapelfield beards XI and in a rain interrupted game up on a very cold and damp hill at the UEA we actually managed to complete a game! Jamie 'the stodge' Fowle set out his stall early opening the batting with a face as long and as wet as the weekend, hoping only to get in a net before rain came he managed a ponderous 23 before being caught in the deep in the 27th over. Robbie managed an uncharacteristically quick 35 hastened by the desire to get under a warm umberalla. Krusty chipped in with 29 and X Tra contributed well to achieve 141 all out.

Bowling into a strong wind and up the hill saw the big canadian gay bear become a big sweaty canadian gay bear with a sense of humour failure, managing 2 for 18 before collapsing from exhaution. Oaky from the other end, downhill and with a strong tail wind almost reached medium pace and finished with one key wicket, beautifully caught by Spaksey to end with figures of 7-3-9-1.

Jordan, Stu Alden and Rob managed a wicket each before a heavy burst of rain threatened to wash out the game with the score on 59 for 7 but when speedy wickets were needed during a break in the rain up stepped Sparksey to bowl 1.3-1-0-3 and trim out the tail in quick time.


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